Second Thoughts on Bar Exam Prep

Well this weekend was Barrister’s Ball, a huge prom-like event for most law schools. It was a pretty fun affair and I’m looking forward to two more years of it.

Getting into the nitty-gritty of some law school stuff though, I’ve been contemplating what bar prep service to use. I know, I know, the bar exam is two and a half years away. Well, at the beginning of the school year I bought into the Barbri “lock in your price” routine. I put $250 down to make sure the price wouldn’t rise on me. Since it’s already $2,900 for the Connecticut Bar Exam you can imagine why I was so worried.

However, after reading a recent National Jurist piece on bar prep courses, I’m having my doubts that Barbri is the way to go. There are easily a dozen plus bar prep courses out there and not one of them carries the same price tag as Barbri. Kaplan looks like it’s probably the second most expensive and most others run in the $500-$1,500 range. Considering even the most expensive of these alternatives are about half the cost of Barbri, even factoring into account the fact that I’ve already sunk a few hundred dollars into Barbri I think it’s safe to say I’m going to be doing some serious thinking over where to invest a decent chunk of money in the next two years.


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