Week 3

So things have been getting pretty crazy in the microcosm that is law school. My legal writing class has picked up to the point of nearly swamping me. It seems whatever you do is always wrong in there, but that seems to be the theme of 1L hazing by professors. I’m still enjoying everything for the most part though. I’ve also been running for SBA Senate. There’s a full three days of voting, something I didn’t have to deal with when I ran for Student Government in undergrad. The reduced campaign time and limits to not “campaign excessively” are nice though. So we’ll know Friday night how that went, but fingers crossed. What’s everyone else’s law school experience like right now? Everyone else starting to feel buried or are people still treading water?


About wannabelawyer

Future Law Student preparing for Law School. Follow me on my journey.
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One Response to Week 3

  1. ariaxami says:

    Good luck with your campaign! Hope it all works out. I’m definitely treading water in the deep end. As my friend says, “you’ll have strong legs in the end!”


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