Settling In

Well things are finally slowing down here a bit in Connecticut. I’ve settled into my place and I’m pretty happy with the living arrangement. I’m about half a mile from campus and the place is pretty spacious. My textbooks are slowly trickling in and if you haven’t ordered yours definitely go ahead and get them ASAP.

I already have first day assignments rolling in and I think it’s safe to say Legal Skills is going to be the most consistently time-consuming of my classes. Out of all the assignments Legal Skills has already used up about 90% of all the paper I’ve printed. At least it should be helpful with every other class too. Orientation is a week and a half from now, so it should be a pretty intense baptism by fire since we’re starting a few of the classes then. Well, I’ve off to go read some cases and re-skim Getting to Maybe. Enjoy your casebooks!


About wannabelawyer

Future Law Student preparing for Law School. Follow me on my journey.
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One Response to Settling In

  1. ariaxami says:

    Good luck with 1L! I have assignments already as well and honestly, the stress is starting too early. Have fun at orientation!


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