Law School Pens

So I was over at Legal Rabbit the other day reading up on pens and general law school supplies. Well, I was searching Amazon about ten seconds later for pens. I grabbed a couple of favorites and some with great reviews and here’s my own pen review for you.

I bought:

The Uniball is what I’ve been writing with the past year of undergrad and I really like it. Suffice to say I was skeptical I’d find anything I’d like more. I have a history of being picky with pens. After trying out both of the Bics, I think I have new favorite pens. I still need to write a bit more with both Bics, but I’m thinking the Triumph has one me over. I wrote a paragraph with each and after running my fingers through the writing, the Velocity smeared a bit.

Granted, pens aren’t all you’re going to need in law school. An army of highlighters, staples, post-it notes, printer paper and toner are all necessary too. Pens are probably the numero uno if you’re going to try and not rely solely on your laptop for in-class notes (for reasons I’ve explained here).


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One Response to Law School Pens

  1. Andrew Nerney says:

    I’m a 3L law student at QUSL. I have to say that I prefer the Pilot G-2 0.5mm pens are my favorite. It is perfect for writing thin letters in the margins of your books. Hope this helps!


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