Budgetting Time in Law School

Well, after sitting down with my law school schedule I’ve decided I’m going to TRY and stick to a nice schedule. Doing so will allow me to always get things done on time and hopefully a set schedule will keep my energy high throughout the year. I’ve based this off of a lot of law student advice over at Top-Law-Schools. They have dozens of law student guides to doing well your 1L year. 

Summer – Read Getting to Maybe and 1L of a Ride

Note-taking – Spiral bound notebook for notes in class. One for each class plus a folder for each class for any printed off cases/handouts.

*It’s my intention to take the hand-written notes and type them up as I study for exams. It’s an additional way to retain and learn the information and also cut out any unnecessary or mundane material before I really start working on exam prep in November.

Reading – I’m really trying to knock out all of my reading outside my house. This is has multiple benefits. I’m very much a one-track mind person. If I’m working on something I’m working on it, and if I’m not I don’t want to deal with it.


8AM – Wakeup

8:10AM- Workout (20mins)

8:30AM – Shower, Breakfast

9AM – Head to School (Hopefully look over notes for a few minutes too once I’m there)

10AM – 11:50AM Torts(Wednesday is Legal Writing)

Noon-1pm Lunch

1PM-2PM – Read Torts/Do Legal Writing Assignments assigned for next class

2PM-2:50PM – Contracts

3PM-4PM – Read Contracts Assignments for next class

4PM-6PM – Any remaining reading/outlining in library

Tuesday-Thursday Schedule

8AM – Wakeup

8:10AM- Workout (20mins)

8:30AM – Shower, Breakfast

9AM – Head to School (Hopefully look over notes for a few minutes too once I’m there)

9:15-10:15AM- Next class’s Civ. Pro. reading

10:30AM – 11:45AM Civil Procedure

Noon-1PM – Lunch

1:30-2:45PM – Criminal Law

3PM-6PM Criminal Law and any additional reading/outlining in library

Office hours instead of supplements in you’re confused about something. It saves money and builds relationships with professors. Plus you’re then as sure as you can be that you’ll understand what the professor, the person who grades your exam, is looking for instead of what some company is selling you that may not relate at all.


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2 Responses to Budgetting Time in Law School

  1. Emily says:

    Hey! I’m going to QU too! Where’d you find our 1L schedule?

  2. If you log in to your QU account you can find it. E-mail me at scottkgoldsmith@gmail.com and I’ll walk you through it. What section are you in?


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