Summary Recap

So I’ve spent the past week packing up the apartment in Raleigh. After living there for nearly a year and a half it’s amazing the things that pile up. I’ve lucked out and I won’t be needing the UHaul I thought I was going to get for the move to Connecticut. I’m traveling light and only taking what can fit in my little Honda Accord. It should be an interesting move to say the least.

For everybody else who’s trying to get their law school stuff in order, it’s a lot. Make sure you’re getting in those final transcripts! I’ve been looking over the course offerings at QU and while I don’t have the luxury of picking anything my 1L year, I’m really not looking forward to having to pick and choose off that list. I’d really just like to take everything. Oh well, I suppose that’s what 1L is for, to narrow my focus, hopefully.

For anyone readers who just took the June LSAT I heard lots of people got stuck with two reading comprehension sections back to back. Those were personally my favorite, but I understand the frustration with having back to back sections. Best of luck to everyone when scores come out soon!


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Future Law Student preparing for Law School. Follow me on my journey.
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