North Carolina’s Constitutional Amendment

Tomorrow is the Republican Primary in North Carolina. An event where registered Republicans AND registered Independents may vote for a Republican candidate for President. However, Democrats shouldn’t stay home. Although there’s no contest against President Obama receiving the endorsement, The Marriage Amendment in on the ballot. The Constitutional Amendment would determine whether or not it is unconstitutional in North Carolina for same-sex couples to marry. A vote of yes at the ballot is in support of not allowing same-sex marriages, a vote of no is against making the current legal ban against same-sex marriage a constitutional amendment.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you which way to vote, or even my opinions on it, although it did take a long time for me to decide to try and post this even-handedly. If you want my opinion, tweet at me. Regardless, if you’re over 18 and a citizen of the State of North Carolina. Go Vote!

*If you don’t know where to vote or who’s on your ballot, you no longer have an excuse if you click here.


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