I’ve been giving some serious thought to Quinnipiac’s JD/MBA program. Apparently, acceptance to the law school waives the requirement that you take the GMAT prior to admission. That plus the fact that the MBA would only add one year and I’d have both degrees makes it a very attractive option. Has anyone else out there considered a JD/MBA combination?

Also on another note, some exciting things are happening over at NC Central Law.


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2 Responses to JD/MBA

  1. Tony says:

    1) I used that same logic games book to study for the LSAT. I was hoping I’d never see that again as long as I live. Thanks for that.
    2) I was definitely considering doing the joint JD/MBA program if I end up at NC Central, but after reading a bunch of law school forums (top-law-schools.com is my life) it seems that the career options for people with JDs and MBAs are pretty disparate. The general consensus seems to be that it’s just not worth the extra time, money, and effort

  2. mrjmflynn says:

    I think in your case it would be worth it. Connecticut is very business central. The majority of law school grads in CT end up in the business sector and not working for firms. To these employers (insurance companies, finance companies etc…) the MBA could give you a boost because it shows that you have both the legal knowledge but also business knowledge that some other recent grads would lack.

    I do agree with Tony that in most cases it is not worth it. Most people go to law school hoping to work for a firm of some sort and there is no added value in an MBA in that field but because Connecticut is so unique I think you should definitely consider it. The only other situation in which it makes sense is if you go to one of the top programs because having both from a nationally recognized institution would certainly not hurt. Say you had a Penn J.D. and a Wharton MBA, I doubt those employment prospects would be dismal.


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