In Connecticut

Well, as promised, I’m here in Connecticut. In a little over an hour I’ll be heading to Quinnipiac’s law school for their accepted student day in what will be one of two accepted student days in the next week. It’s safe to say New Haven, the second largest city in Connecticut, is much smaller than cities I’m used to. As is evidenced by the fact that the plane I took into New Haven is probably one of the larger ones they service.

Tomorrow I’ll write up a review of Quinnipiac’s law school and hopefully have it posted by Saturday night or during the day on Sunday. I can safely say the law school is as beautiful as all the pictures have made it out to be. It’s relatively isolated, it’s probably at least half a mile to the nearest shop but there is the Sleeping Giant State Park literally across the street from the campus though and it creates for a very scenic area. It seems everything in the area has Quinnipiac written on it. I’m constantly stumbling on buildings (they have three campuses). I’ve got to run to the campus, but I wanted to give everyone a quick update on what was happening.


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