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So I really enjoy reading blogs about law firms, especially solo practicioners who step out of their comfort zone and start their own firm. I’ve been reading How to Start a Law Firm for awhile now and not only do I love the blog, but it gets at what I think a blog should be about, a conversation. A few weeks ago I asked what he thought about all the “solo practice” classes you can take in law school, as it’s something I’m somewhat interested in. Without too much of a surprise, he wrote a post about it.

Like I said, absolutely love the blog, and I’m hugely grateful not only for the reply via a unique post, but the genuine content of the post too. Now I’m not saying I’m going to jump right into starting a law firm out of law school but hey, we all need something to dream and hope for. So check out the post. Sadly, he doesn’t seem to have url specific sections for each post, so here’s a snippet from his site. It’s easy enough to find, just scroll down to the February 7th post.

*From How to Start a Law Firm Feb. 7th post (an excerpt)


Should You Take Starting a Law Firm Classes in Law School?

The origin of this post, as with many posts, is a reader question. I wanted to take a minute, while I’ve got your attention here at the top of the page, to point out that I absolutely love reader questions. Although a big part of this blog is documenting my journey of starting a law firm, it’s also become a way for me to specifically talk to all of you out there that are thinking about opening your own shop. And, while I can guess what you are thinking and what you’d like to know based on my own experience, I’d much rather just have you ask me questions that I can answer. If they are good questions, we can start a discussion in the comments. If they are great questions, I’ll write a separate post about them and we can discuss from there.Whether or not to take starting a law firm classes in law school seemed to me to be a great question, so here we are discussing it.


I must admit two things here as we get started on this post. First, I didn’t take a class like this when I was in law school, and I don’t think one was offered (I was in law school 2002-2005). Second, as with most of these posts, I’m writing off the cuff here, so hopefully if we veer off track we get back on eventually…

*From How to Start a Law Firm Feb. 7th post (an excerpt)

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