So, as I’m sitting in the lounge for my individual college here at NC State I’m plagued by senoritis. I’ve been studying for an exam I have today, one which it seems everyone else in the class is having a nervous breakdown about. I’m not sure if it’s just me, the fact that most of the kids in my class are freshmen/sophomores (and thus can actually affect their GPA right now), or just the fact that I’ll be sitting in a law school classroom in six months, but I really could care less about this exam.

I’ve made it to every class for the professor this semester, I’ve done the readings, done well on the quizzes. I’m really not worried. Instead, I study for thirty minutes and then I’m back at it, searching the inter-webs for something about law schools. Sadly, I think I’ve just about exhausted all the main content I can. I just want to be there now. Enough prep, enough thinking about it. All that’s left is for me to go take tours/Accepted Student Weekends at my top choices and make my final decision.

I’m still really excited to be flying to Connecticut in roughly three weeks. I’ve been trying to iron-out a list of apartments to check out while I’m in the area. Thankfully, some people over at top-law-schools who frequent the forums and who were scholarship recipients last year have been messaging me with ideas on where other students live in Hamden. Everyone’s been warning me against anything in the New Haven area. The more research I do into Quinnipiac the more I feel like I”m really not moving to a new area. It sounds remarkably similar to a situation we have here. Quinnipiac seems like it’s Connecticut’s version of UNC-Chapel Hill mixed with Elon in Burlington (Elon’s law school is actually in Greensboro). Factor in that Duke is in Durham and a ten minute drive from UNC, and the similarities are frightening. Both Durham and New Haven have roughly equal populations, both have top-tier universities (Duke & Yale), and both have reputations for being a bit rough.

If I do end up at Qunnipiac, it’ll be a shock to my system. Hamden is a tiny town. New Haven, the biggest city to Quinnipiac, is half the size of the city I live in now. Add in New England winters and it could equal quite an interesting experience. At least they’ve got a top-notch hockey program. Until next time, I’ll try not to let my senioritis affect me too much.


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