Connecticut in a Month

So in just less than a month I’ll be visiting Quinnipiac Law. In case you didn’t, know, Quinnipiac is at the top of my short-list. I’m hoping that after I tour the campus and get a feel for the area I can finally decide on which law school I’ll be attending in the fall. I’ve already visited Elon Law, another of the school’s that’s up toward the top of my list.

Quinnipiac School of Law

The visit will be a little longer than some of my previous law school visits, as Quinnipiac is so highly ranked on my list and I doubt I’ll be getting to Connecticut against prior to school starting in the fall, there’s a lot to get done. I’m been working on a list of potential places to live in the area and trying to figure out not only the necessity of having a car, but also what type of car. Having lived in the south my whole life, Quinnipiac would be a huge shock to my system. I’m not looking forward to having a complete update of my wardrobe. It’s one of the reason’s I turned down a rather large scholarship to SUNY-Buffalo for undergrad.

I’m also deathly afraid of heights and while I don’t mind flying on planes at all, I’ll be catching a connecting flight from Philly to New Haven on a turbo-prop plane. After finding out how low they fly to the ground, let’s just say I’m less than excited. I’ll be there for three days though, so I’m really hoping to figure out the small town of Hamden. I’m hoping the fact that Hamden made Forbe’s list of best places to live and was ranked as #33 is a good sign. Considering I’m moving from Raleigh, which consistently ranks as the #1 place in the U.S. to live, I’m a bit nervous about giving up my city.

Of course, what my visit means is there will be yet another law school review and I’ll be sure to upload tons of photos for everyone. One thing for sure, Quinnipiac Law is certainly one of the nicer looking campus’ I’ve seen, and the greater Hamden/New Haven area (home to Yale) looks like the rest of New England decided to model what they’re doing. I’ll try to blog from the hotel, at the least putting up some photos after the first or second day in early March. How about you guys? Getting close to deciding on a school?


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