2011-2012 Law Admissions Cycle

Well, if you haven’t applied to law school yet, firstly, what are you doing?! Secondly, you may just be in luck, kinda. Preliminary reports of the first half of the admissions cycle (the half where they hand out all the money), shows that this year applicants in general have dropped significantly. While the report doesn’t specify if it’s amongst all law schools, lower tier schools, higher tier schools, it does say one thing. If your application was somewhat weak, for whatever the reason, you picked the right year to apply for law school. You can find a handful of links after the jump.

The report was supposedly leaked from a password protected e-mail, or some such non-sense. It’s worth the read, but I don’t think it’ll change much job prospect-wise, it just means you could have potentially snuck up a few ranks in how highly up the totem pole you were accepted, if you pay attention to US New & World Report…

ABA Journal

Above the Law’s Take (If you’ve never read ATL, it’s not for the faint of heart)


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