Getting Yourself Off a Wait-List

Alright, I just wanted to start today’s post with some advice for anyone who may be on a wait-list, for any of your schools. It’s not a fun thing, but it happens. So for anyone out there who has been wait-listed and that school’s still high on your list, there’s a few things you can do.

*It is possible to get scholarship money off wait-lists. It’s a big numbers game, and if you’re a splitter, just hope they want your type of split and not the reverse!

Firstly, make sure they keep seeing your name. It’s hard for an admission’s committee to pull you from the list when there’s plenty of other people there. Get your name out to them. Show interest in the school, maybe visit for a tour, e-mail them asking where you are in “line” to get in off the wait-list. Some wait-lists last through June/July, be sure to ask the school you’re wait-listed at what their policy is.

Many schools expect another letter of recommendation, or two, if you’re on the wait-list as a way to show that you’re committed to nudging out those other students. If you can get one, great, send it in. It’s even better if it’s a LoR that’s geared specifically to that school, but anything is better than nothing. If you can’t get a letter of recommendation, at least send in an update of your transcript from fall semester. This can be done by just having your school send your transcript to LSAC and they’ll forward it on for you. This serves two purposes, it shows them that your grades have improved (hopefully), and gets your name in front of them again.

Wait-lists can be tough, and even with improved grades and another letter of recommendation there’s no guarantee that you’ll get into the school. For anyone in that boat I recommend making some hard choices. You can forgo acceptance at another school, but just know, after that April 15th deadline, most schools are a no go, so if you don’t accept an offer by then you need to be prepared to wait out another year to repeat your chances.

Regardless, good luck! Hopefully this post isn’t too relevant to all of you. As you’ve seen in my short-list post, I’ve got my mind torn between two, but I felt some of you may need a little nudge.


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