SOPA on Wanna-Be Lawyer

If you haven’t heard it yet then I’m shocked. Today is the national protest of SOPA. While I haven’t blacked out my site today, after all, yesterday all of you gave me my biggest single day for hits on the blog EVER! I have shown my solidarity AGAINST the bill with my small banner here on the site, that will remain there until the vote has concluded in D.C. on the 24th.

I don’t mean to get nitty-gritty into politics and such, I could easily start another site for that. Rather, as a future lawyer, I think it’s important that we grant complete restrictions on information as a last resort. While I agree, piracy is an awful thing that challenges countless industries and businesses, this bill is not the way to accomplish that (in my opinion).

Now enough of me rambling about things that are unrelated to law school. I’ll have more posts for you shortly, as always. Until then, I beg you, write your representatives and tell them how you’d like them to vote on the bill, for or against, it’s your republic and your responsibility to participate in democracy. I promise, there won’t be anything this big until the presidential elections in November. Take the two minutes and find your representative’s e-mail addresses and contact them.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter and debate the issue or merely discuss it with me.


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