Gearing up for the Law School Schedule

As promised, I’ve been working on my new, geting into the law school habit by experimenting with a potential schedule now, during my final semester of undergrad. My schedule is largely built on the advice of a lot of 1Ls who have submitted what they did to get into the top X% of their classes. Check out a ton of them over at here.

My favorite of the guides over at TLS would definitely have to be the “lazy” guide to law school. Although myself, and several posters on the topic share the same opinion, this isn’t a “lazy” guide at all. Rather, it’s perfectly in the framework of work smarter, not harder. The poster claims that, aside from the month prior to exam time, you can get away with not having to study for law school during the evenings or on weekends with his guide. I sincerely think it’s possible. In his guide, which you can find here, he simply utilizes free time between classes, rather than being social. There is plenty of time between most 1L schedules that if you spend 30-45 minutes in between classes, rather than socializing or on facebook, you can knock out huge chunks of your work.

Less Facebook time is a big push of time, and one that’s difficult, but knocking that out in law school will be a huge success. When I came to undergrad I promised myself no more television, and I’ve managed to cut that down to about an hour or two a week (not having cable helps tons). I’m hoping to really limit Facebook both this semester and in law school to about 3-4 hours a week. If I can do that, and bring myself to cancel my Netflix subscription (again) I’ll be that much closer to having real free time in law school without stressing about classes. I’ll be sure to post more on this as I work on it, giving you all updates and tips!


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