Training Day

So the start of this post is a bit of a tangent. I opened my mailbox today on my way to classes (my last semester of undergrad woohoo!) to discover a rather large box from Elon Law, one of the law school’s I’ve applied to and have been accepted at (with a scholarship wooh!). I started thinking, what could they possibly be sending me? Well it’s nothing to make you choose one school over another, but I promise, I’ll end up doing some advertising for them by carrying it around until it breaks or the logo wears off.

What the main content of this post was going to be about was an idea I had yesterday in my last class. I’ve been reading up on successful law school habits and schedules to follow to put you in the top 5% of your class. I figured, what am I doing not following that NOW?  So I’m going to formulate my potential law school schedule for next fall this weekend, after doing some additional reading. I’ll post what comes of it by this weekend and then we’ll see how it goes. I’m sure there’ll be some tweaks prior to law school, but why go in on a cold start? I think it’ll only help my last semester grades, and get me into the habit of actually trying to work my butt off as I gear up for law school. I’ll post more details on this ASAP.


About wannabelawyer

Future Law Student preparing for Law School. Follow me on my journey.
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