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So I’ve been out of the country the past few days. As soon as I turned on my phone again I had a voicemail from a New York area code. Sure enough, it was one of the schools I’ve gotten into. I called them back and they were merely calling to congratulate me on my recent admission. Another school sent me a hand written card wishing me happy holidays and most of the schools I applied to sent me some kind of e-card for the holidays.

This post isn’t so much that I think it necessary or even important to do this. However, it certainly sets some schools apart from others. When I was gearing up to apply to schools back in August I was downright turned off from one particular law school (in downtown Raleigh *cough cough*). The lack of contact or abrasive attitude by some administrators can really make or break sending an application, as it did in my case. Likewise, the little things like holiday cards or simply congratulations, both after being admitted, really give the impression of schools that care about me beyond simply adding a check and potentially increasing their US News and World Report standing. It may be little and overall insignificant, but my view is if a school doesn’t treat you superbly when they’re trying to convince you to come to them over the other 170+ schools in the US how will they treat you once you’re a committed student?

Just a little food for thought as you go on your accepted student tours and try to make a decision. You’ve also got to be able to stand being at a school for three years, because it is three years of your life and energy, regardless of financial cost.

This was my first post by iPhone, welcome to 2012 and me trying to stick to my resolution by any means necessary!


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