Wish Lists for Soon to be 1Ls

So now that you’re all hopefully flush with either Christmas or Hanukkah money (or just money you’ve saved by seeing family over the holidays and not having to buy groceries for a week) I’ve compiled a nice little list of things to help jump start you on law school. This ranges from books to help you get a leg up on your classmates in a few months, to inspiration memoirs of students 1L years, to things you’ll need regardless of which law school you’re attending. So take that $50 that grandma sent you, register yourself with amazon prime (for free if you’re a student) get free shipping, and have at it.

* Pens – The number one essential thing you’ll need. A good pen is without question a great find, and sometimes a difficult find. Nothing makes me happier than having a pen that I know won’t fail me when I’m writing copious amounts of notes, and that I know won’t smear my pages. I’ve found one at the beginning of college, and I’ve stuck to it to this day. (The NC General Assembly also uses them, so you know they’ve got to be good). It’s the Jetstream pen by Uni-ball. I normally buy them at BJ’s Warehouse, but sometimes you can land a good deal online too.

* Book Stand – Although I haven’t used them in undergrad, given the sheer amount of reading you need in law school I’ve read multiple blogs that have praised the book stand. After looking at a few online, this one that is both durable, inexpensive, and portable, seems to be a no brainer.

* Getting to Maybe – I’m reading this now, as I post this. It’s supposedly the Holy Grail of law school everything, from exams to how to take notes. A must buy, until I say otherwise.

1L of a Ride – Another book in the light of Getting to Maybe. Supposedly great, I’ll get to it after that one. Both are great summer readings prior to August.

Backpack – A lot of us have been able to get by without this toward the end of undergrad. Unfortunately, EVERYONE I have spoken to who’s already in law school insists that it’s a necessity. Just like how every law school issues lockers, backpacks are another throwback necessity. While there’s a ton out there, I particularly like the Swiss backpacks. They’ve got a separate section to keep your laptop from getting scratched and bumped around. Plus have some awesome padding, so even when the things full it’s not gonna kill your shoulders.

That’s it for now, but I’ll try to add this post periodically as things come to mind. Don’t forget to relax over the holidays!


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Future Law Student preparing for Law School. Follow me on my journey.
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  1. Angie says:

    Leave some cash for strippers


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