Waiting for Decisions

So I’m sitting here, having completed all my law school applications, and I feel like I’m going crazy. Waiting for the decisions to roll in has been driving me up the wall. As all of you finish yours I’m sure you’ll feel much the same, so I decided to compile some things to help ease the madness.

Get back to your classes. (If you’re like me you spent a lot of time and energy on applications and now there’s a big emptiness in your calendar. Use the time to solidify those grades for this semester. I fully intend to update my transcript, in a positive way.)

Just relax. You’ve been going crazy writing personal statements and whatnot, take a break from the law school mindset. I’ve been trying to catch up with friends and simply relax a bit, things I wasn’t able to do when work was crazy and law applications were beckoning.

Get away. I’ve booked myself for a week long cruise. I need to be completely disconnected from the internet. Hopefully when I get back I’ll have a few envelopes waiting for me, but that week will give me the chance to not worry about checking the law school forums for a good while.

Overall, I’d advise against stressing about too much research into your law schools that you’ve applied to. You’re going to bunker down and do all that anyway once you get decisions back. Might as well wait until then and only do it once.

Anyone out there have specific issues with applications thus far? Let me know, I can write a new post on whatever people are stressing about.


About wannabelawyer

Future Law Student preparing for Law School. Follow me on my journey.
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