October LSAT <24 Hours!

So, the time has come. For those of you taking the October LSAT what are you doing being on the internet reading this? Just kidding. But seriously, I hope you’re all reading LSAT related stuff. The time is now and you should be prepared. With the big exam tomorrow all of you should eat a great dinner tonight and go to bed early. If you have time try to squeeze in a few LSAT problems, but not too many. Sleep and food is key tonight.

Tomorrow morning, when you’re up, grab a good breakfast but nothing too intense. You don’t want to fall asleep from having eaten too much! Also make sure you have all your LSAT goodies in order. Something that should probably be done tonight, but you procrastinators can get to it tomorrow if you don’t take too long. Here’s a quick check-list that you have everything.

-Government issued I.D.

-Recent photo on your LSAT ticket

-A handful of sharpened #2 pencils

-Snack and bottled water for the break

-Your handy plastic bag to put it all in.

That’s really all you need but you should also probably throw in a few LSAT problems. What I did the morning of the exam was prepare a nice breakfast, stare a million times at everything I had in my LSAT bag to make sure nothing was missing, and actually did a few problems to get ready for the exam. I took one section from each type of question in the prep tests and did those in the morning. Just to get my mind thinking about the exam. Most importantly of all, stay calm. Freaking out tomorrow morning won’t help your score in the least. Take a few big breaths and remember this is why you prepared. If you can keep your cool in the exam I promise you’ll hit on the higher side of your average than on the lower side. As always, good luck! Comment and let me know how you all did!

P.S. Don’t forget, the LSAT knocks off points for each question that isn’t correct. It’s not the SAT where if you don’t know the answer to about ten you shouldn’t fill them in. If five minutes for your section gets called and you still have a lot of questions left, do what you can but definitely guess on the remainder.


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