LSAT Tools

As I mentioned in a previous post, there’s a great LSAT proctor program out there. Turns out there’s an online copy of it too. So now you don’t have to have a smart phone to utilize it. Check it out.

I know I still owe all of you my write-up on Campbell Law. I’m going to really push to have that up by this weekend. I’ve gone a bit overboard on obligations. I’ve taken a “part-time” job that’s really a full time job, classes, and law school applications. Nevertheless, I’m gonna to push for having it up this weekend. I haven’t forgotten all of you, my loyal readers. Also, don’t be afraid to comment! I know the comment boxes haven’t been the easiest things to find on my blog (sometime I’m also going to get around to tweaking all the HTML) but call me out on this kind of stuff everyone!


About wannabelawyer

Future Law Student preparing for Law School. Follow me on my journey.
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