October LSAT Prep, Continued

So, hopefully at this point you’ve got at least three pre-tests finished or are finishing your third today. Congratulations! This means you can add yet another task to your LSAT studying. Hopefully you’ve been keeping a record of which answers you’ve been getting right and which you’ve been missing. Now on those off-days, the ones were your not doing your lovely prep-tests, those are the days you spend going over the missed answers.

Pooled together the questions you’ve missed. Look them over for a few minutes and if you have any of the Powerscore Bibles they’ll come in handy for this as well. Try to figure out which question types are the same. Naturally, dividing between the three sections is your first step, but after that try to break them down by question type within each section. Divide them into groups of which are linear or grouping style questions etc. Once you do this you should get a nice idea of where the majority of your missed questions are coming from. There will likely be at least a few groups that are fairly similar in size. Pick the one that is simply statistically most significant. You’ve barely got a month to finish studying. By tackling the question types your missing the most you’ll also improve your score the most.

Try to read over how to tackle them if you have a “bible” or if you don’t simply see what the right answers are and spend a few minutes trying to see how to arrive at it. What I like to do is take the questions and group them into their own made up section of the LSAT. I’ll literally take the ones I missed and splice them all onto a photo-copied page. This way I can sit down and try to work through a bunch. Try taking them again, did you improve? If not, I’d recommend starting a study group. It’s a great way to get a second opinion on questions, although the “bibles” are a great investment as well.

This is a pretty straightforward way to improve your score and consolidate what you’ve been missing. After each three or four prep-tests you have new material to go and tackle in this way. Also, once you significantly improve on a section go back and start knocking out those other, less large sections. I’d recommend simply going in order of what you missed the 2nd most, 3rd most etc. If you’re still having problems with a certain question type go to other pre-tests and find similar questions there as well.

Good luck, happy LSATing!


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One Response to October LSAT Prep, Continued

  1. Legal Rabbit says:

    I totally agree with the tip in your 2nd paragraph (it’s what I’m doing right now). & like you said, repetition is KEY!

    Thanks for sharing these tips 🙂


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