NC Showcase of Law Schools

This week is full of great law school happenings! Last night I went to the showcase of all seven of North Carolina’s law schools at NC State. Tonight I’ll be at Campbell law for a few hours checking out those facilities. So tons of law school goodness for everyone here in the next week!

To start, let’s talk class size. As each of the many deans of admission who were present began describing their schools almost everyone stated what their incoming class size was. Every NC law school was below 200 except two. This is a great thing, it ensures low student to faculty ratios. UNC Chapel Hill stated an incoming class size of 250, so not too high above the state-wide median. Charlotte School of Law however was less than impressive. With a stated incoming class of 400 they were almost twice the state average for students. This is no doubt due to the fact that they are also one of the only law schools in the nation that are on a for-profit model…

There was a ton of great recommendations about your applications as we all begin to apply in the next few weeks (if you want to apply that early, remember, you have until March 15th at most schools). The first thing that was said was to remember that when your application is being reviewed it will likely only have a maximum of 15 minutes infront of the committee. You’ve got to make yourself stand out quickly and catch their attention. Having said this, it was nearly unanimous that admissions committees look for depth and dedication, and an indication that you are mature enough to become a lawyer and have others life, liberty, and property in your hands. With that in mind here’s a quick list of things to make sure you have on those applications!

  • Resume (schools debated on length. Ask each one if they prefer one or two pages. Nothing from high school!)
  • Personal Statement (spend time on them. Remember who your audience is!)
  • Optional Essays (If you have something that better describes you and makes you more appealing do it, but it’ll hurt you if you’re just spinning your wheels.)

Another huge highlight all the schools emphasized was easy mistakes that are huge turn-offs for law schools. Make sure you’re not sending the wrong material to the wrong school. It apparently happens a lot! I’d recommend only working on one application a day. That way you know you’re not mixing up your personal statements for different schools or getting questions mingled from different applications. Simply following the directions is also a huge thing a ton of people somehow fail. Take the time to check and double check your application. They’re typically only a few pages. Take your time and get it right the first time.

I’ll try to go a little more in-depth on each of these topics as applications start coming out, but this should give you a quick overview to get you started!


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