October LSAT (Get your A$$ in Line)

Okay, the October LSAT is nearly one month away. It’s time to kick everything into gear. If you haven’t been absolutely awesome about studying yet this is when you absolutely need to pick it up. If you haven’t checked out my older post about the necessity of a good calendar check it out.

The key to the LSAT is getting in as many prep-tests as possible. I probably did about 45 prep tests and it was absolutely awesome. I walked into the exam and didn’t have that fright of “Oh my God, it’s the LSAT”. I have a good friend who studied only a few LSAT prep-tests. It’s safe to say I was far more composed on exam day then my friends who hadn’t studied much at all. A few prep-tests will not cut it. I know some of you out there will brush me off. Why risk it? This one test is the single most important factor in admission. Yes, you can take the December LSAT and hope the average goes in your favor but let’s be honest. How many people want to study for the test a second time? Not to mention, your chances for scholarships or those “reach” schools are non-existent if you’re applying later than December.

By far the easiest and cheapest method to getting your hands dirty with a good number of prep-tests is buying the Powerscore Next 10 Prep-tests. It’s one thick book with well over a dozen prep-tests. If you get this and the Actual 10 prep-tests you’re well on your way to boosting your score. I also recommend grabbing some of the newer administration date tests. The test does change a little over the years. These large books are great to get you thinking how you need to be approaching the test. Then, probably a week before the actual test, you can start knocking out the more current material. (By current I mean anything prep-test 152 or higher.)

If you’re waiting until now to start studying completely I do not recommend getting the “bibles”. I absolutely love the bibles, but they require a few months of careful studying to really get everything they have. At this point you need to train your brain like an athlete. It’s all about muscle memory. Take those tests, get in the mindset that will get you through test day. If you’re calm when everyone around you is panicking you’ll be leaps and bounds above them. On the day of the test, as we all sat around you could simply hear the fear in people’s whispers. I was joking with people and getting looks of “how can this guy be making light of this day?!”. Take one test every other day and as soon as you finish it score it and see the questions you missed. After about a week you’ll have enough tests to see the types of questions you routinely miss. Collect these and after you have a decent number go back through them. Sit down, not timed, and really figure out how to solve them. This is where you’ll increase your score. It’s one month away from exam day. Triage is essential. Find where you’re losing the most points and fix those specific spots.

Like I said, aim for one exam every other day from here on out. It’s rough, and not fun, but it’ll save you on the day of the administration. Get a group together if you can. It’ll keep you accountable and make it more enjoyable. I’ll post some other tips and tricks as we get closer. Happy LSATing.


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