A Dream or a Nightmare?

So, there are plenty of stories about the potential perils of law school. Horror stories of the majority of graduating classes not getting jobs coupled with the students that are making 180k+ right out of school. It’s a huge debate on the way legal education has grown. I’m not here to comment on it either way, nor do I particularly think there’s one direction you should choose. Obviously I’m a prospective law student and I think the choice is right for me. Furthermore, I’m hoping to tread lightly in the loan category, negating some of the issues. However, I’ve found two great pieces related to this ongoing and rather popular debate.

First, what are the best deals for law school? A new list was just published the other day, give it a look. Public schools have been making a significant improvement in the past few years. Some of the schools honestly surprised me.

On the other end of the spectrum, a law professor at the University of Colorado has been talking a lot of trash about law school in general. Interestingly highlight his lack of preparation for class and the like. It’s caused quite a stir on several law blogs and you should give it a look here.

Happy LSAT prepping to those of you who are working on the October LSAT. I’ll post a one-month study cram schedule for those of you who have been being lazy. I promise, this is one test you don’t want to go through without some studying. Something I haven’t really spent much time doing for my own undergraduate classes!


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Future Law Student preparing for Law School. Follow me on my journey.
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