Law School Visits

So while everyone is gearing up for the October LSAT administration I thought I’d try to share something a little more light that will be happening in the days to come. This week I’ll be visiting law schools in Boston. More specifically, Northeastern, Suffolk, and New England law. It’ll be a nice cross section of law schools in general. Northeastern is a top 100, Suffolk a 3rd tier, and New England a 4th tier. I’ll be sure to devote full posts (with pictures) and as much information as I get while there for everyone. This will be the first in my many series of law schools broken down and reviewed. In a few more months I’ll be sure to review some North Carolina schools as well. Anticipate UNC-Chapel Hill, Campbell, Elon, Central, and Wake Forest in the months to come.

Also during my flight to Boston I’ll be working on my personal statement for law school, so expect some insight into that world as well. All things you should be considering while you get ready for the October LSAT, especially afterward in the three weeks that you’re waiting for your score!


About wannabelawyer

Future Law Student preparing for Law School. Follow me on my journey.
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