So my age may show on this post, but in the likeness of Blue’s Clues I went out and purchased a Handy Dandy Calendar. It’s going to be vital as I start in on studying and it’ll keep me accountable. After planning out the month of January I’m pretty happy with how it looks. The entire first week is simply me reading through the Logic Games Bible. The next three weeks have me working on the logic games from prep tests 29-38, one prep test every other day. I think the day in-between will be absolutely vital. It’ll give me a day off from each so I don’t get burnt out in the first month and also give me some leeway in case I miss a day here or there.

Go buy a huge calendar too!

It may sound ridiculous but you can also put non-LSAT related things on your huge Handy Dandy Calendar, although who would want to do that?


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