I know, another blog by another wanna-be law student. Why not though? After all, what hasn’t been invented a few times? There’s a few dozen versions of all those cheap beers out there, why not a few brands of law student blogs? Anyways, into the meat and potatoes:

Days to Remember:

January 1st (New Year’s, but more importantly it’s the first day of exam prep)

June (L-Day,  just waiting on the exact date of the June 2011 LSAT to be released by the LSAC)

Now, about the blog. I’m a student at NC State and law school is in my hopeful future. My aim, 6 whole months of LSAT prep to get me to my goal, a 170 on the LSAT.  What does that mean? Well, the lowest score possible on the LSAT is a 120 and at the opposite end of the spectrum is the illustrious 180 perfect score.  Being a realist, a 170 is already an absurdly amazing goal. However, I’ll settle for aiming for less than perfection. A 170 is still good enough to get you into a few of the nation’s top 10 law schools.

The site will be really kicking off on January 1st, the day I start my prepping. I’ve used Ace the LSAT as a great resource and would like to commend Steve Schwartz on his amazing site. He’s a professional LSAT tutor in NYC and the knowledge he dispenses at his blog is absolutely amazing. Be sure to check it out every Friday for his updates and subscribe to his e-mail feed. I’ll be following his 6 month schedule on my site, albeit with a few potential tweaks. If you’re in NYC maybe you want to enlist his aid and if you’re in Raleigh be sure to comment. I’ll be forming LSAT study groups to take part in my 182 day study madness at both NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill. You can never have too many people to hold you accountable for studying for the test of your life. I’m counting on these study buddies who will be competing with me on practice exams to get all of us studying. I encourage all of you, my fellow bloggers and readers, to take these practice exams with us and see how you’re stacking up with our progress. I’m hoping to get a post in each week until the big 1/1/11 and from then on, hopefully there’ll be 182 consecutive posts as we march toward L-Day!

Until next time, happy dreams of lawyering!


About wannabelawyer

Future Law Student preparing for Law School. Follow me on my journey.
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